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    Have you tried any of these natural cures?

    49 minutes ago

  • Had a patient today who found out he was too alkaline. Most people are too acidic. When he brought his body back into balance, he had his best adjustment ever this morning! Everything is about balance. Meditation and working on your chakras bring so much balance to the body.

    Have you ever felt disconnected from your life, to the point that suddenly you are not sure what the meaning is? One minute, you feel fine, and the next you’re staring into space feeling that nothing

    November 25

  • Awesome!

    Eating organic can be hard on the wallet. The higher expense and not fully understanding what eating non-organic food can do to your body are the main reasons people do not make the commitment to switch. After seeing this video about about a family that participated in a study from the Swedish Envir…

    November 17

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