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“Jason is awesome! I have gone in with major back ,neck pain and every time walked out a new person .Fixed. Quick and in awe of how he just knows exactly what is wrong. Will never go to anyone else. Beyond my expectations.  S.B.

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Dr. Albracht and Bri for helping me to save my gallbladder!! I followed your instructions to a ‘t’ for the liver/gallbladder cleanse… you would not believe your eyes to see the monster size gallstones that have passed…. It just blows my mind how conventional Dr.’s are so quick opt for surgery when something so natural and so simple can do the job!” D.V.

“Facing 60, I’m enjoying the best health I’ve ever had.  Dr. Albracht has diligently applied his vast knowledge and experience with helpful insights and ideas to restore my life as God intended it to be.  He and his staff are a welcomed extension to such a positive approach offering encouragement and additional resources.  They welcome you with open arms and show themselves friendly.  My whole family enjoys the benefits of chiropractic and nutrition.  I am very grateful.  Try this out – it will change your life!” P. K.

“Before coming to Dr. Albracht I could not sleep, I was dizzy very frequently and my allergies were out of control. I thought I ate healthy until I came here and realized what exactly is in the food that I’ m putting in my body. I wanted relief for my allergies and a good night’s sleep. I have been on the program for 3 weeks now. I started seeing results during week two! I have slept solid and wake up rested. It’s the greatest feeling to have energy. I once thought it was my mattress or pillow & spent a lot of money getting new ones just to be unsatisfied. Once I was on the program I can sleep! My dizziness is significantly less and I’m waiting for fall allergy season because I know I will be ready.” M. T.

“I couldn’t think clearly, almost constant pain and severe digestive issues including bloating and IBS. I had frequent fevers, very low energy and stamina. I’m thinking more clearly, have more energy, less pain and less digestive issues.” W. G. 

“I couldn’t loose weight and I had debilitating headaches. Since starting the program, just a short time ago, I have started to loose the weight and my headaches are much less frequent.” T. T. 

“I was overloading my body with synthetic vitamins and in general felt awful. Being on this program and taking whole food supplements instead, has made me feel so much better. I’m sleeping well, my joint pain is WAY down and I’ve lost 20lbs!” L. B. 

“I was experiencing a lot of back pain, trouble sleeping, and felt tired during the day. Now the back pain is gone, I fall asleep quickly and it feels great to be rested the next morning!” M.D. 

“I had trouble concentrating and remembering things at school. I didn’t have very much energy either. My mom decided to put me on the nutrition program too, and now I’m doing better in school and I have more energy.” J. S.

“I had really bad headaches and back pain. After being on the nutrition program my headaches are gone, my back is pain free and I have more energy and endurance. Because of my experience, I have referred others!” B.H.

“My digestion has improved, I feel less stressed, I’ve lost 5 inches in my waistline, I’ve come off my prescription RX’s, I’m eating so much better, sleeping better and I feel great!” D.B. 

“I was suffering from osteopenia, bladder problems, pain in my lower back and hip, knee pain, I didn’t sleep well at night and felt tired and weak all day. All of my symptoms have improved and the pain is much less.” C. K.

“I was in pain, bloated with abdominal pain, pelvis pain, diarrhea, intermittent loss of energy and hot flashes. I was taking several antibiotics & meds that were very expensive. They also have side effects that I worried, “is this worth it”? I felt I had no control and I was stuck with pain and the costly expense. I also gain weight when I crave sweets and binge. I am now completely without pain in my core, and my hot flashes have completely disappeared! I have normal stools. I’m eating better. Much better because I am learning how to stay away from wheat and sugar which I am allergic to. I am finding how much energy I have. Although I still like sweets I have reduced my sugar intake as a result have lost weight. I also have more money in my pocket because the Standard Process supplements are not toxic, no side effects, and they are much more inexpensive that the medicine I took for years.” C. G.

“I was having memory issues affecting work – mainly short term. I had difficulty with names, facts and information sharing. My memory has very much improved. I’m able to recall needed information for active participation in meetings, etc.” L. L.

“I had allergies, asthma, dry, itchy skin and also had acid reflux with low energy and I keep gaining weight. My allergies and asthma are no longer huge issues! My skin doesn’t itch anymore and the dry scaly patches are pretty much gone. I’m down to only 5mg of meds for acid reflux but I’m looking forward to getting off those soon. My energy is completely increased and I’m looking forward to exercising again. I’ve seen some weight loss already.” J. B.

“I’m a 77 year old female. I was suffering from daily headaches, and body pain. After the Cleanse, I’m feeling so much better. Not only are the headaches and body pain gone, but I have also shed some unwanted pounds!” A. L.

“I really didn’t believe in chiropractors, but about 3 years ago I was in so much pain that my back was going into spasms, literally making me jerk when I moved because of my back pain.

Reluctantly, I contacted Dr. Albracht, through a recommendation, and after my first visit, I was without pain. I could sleep at night without being wakened by back pain and was able to perform my duties as a USPS postal carrier.

Dr. J is the greatest heath provider that I have ever had in my life because he truly provides relief to my back pain which enhances my life, my sleep and my job performance.

NOW, I am wondering after this stellar review, which he and his staff truly deserve, will I now longer be able to get an appointment because he so booked up with new patients?

Anyway, he and his staff deserve my review of their services and I will just have to take my chances on appointments in the future.

Thank you Dr Albracht and your staff for taking exceptional care of me and my body.

R. H..

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