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At A.F.C. kids are a big part of what makes us who we are. Dr. Albracht has helped babies and children of all ages through Nutrition Response Testing and chiropractic adjustments. He has tested and adjusted babies from just a few hours old and teenagers too. This is something we are passionate about because it’s important to begin a child’s foundation with a healthy spine, nervous system and proper whole food nutrition. By offering this unique service we can help your child live a healthy and active lifestyle. Ask about medical articles, case studies other information about the facts of ADD & ADHD and childhood obesity and how you can be a part of changing a child’s life by knowing the truth.
“My four year old daughter had been off and on antibiotics and medications for over 6 month due to chronic sinusitis. Now she is feeling much better, her diet has improved and she’s sleeping better. We are going on 7 weeks since her last antibiotic had has not had one sinus infection!” O. C.

“My son was really having trouble concentrating and focusing at school and especially with homework. He has improved tremendously! He has much better focus and has had little or no illnesses since beginning the program.” C. E.

“My daughter was vomiting, had major congestion and was overweight. Now she has minimal congestion, has lost weight and better focus.” S. S.

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