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BioEnergetic Assessment

Why is BioEnergetic Assessment Useful?

Our bodies come into contact daily with chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and viruses from the air, the environment and other everyday stress. Balancing bioenergetic patterns requires detoxification, nurturing and rebuilding the cells of the body. Herbal and homeopathic treatment assists the body in eliminating cellular- stored toxins as well as new, incoming toxins. As the body is cleansed, the rebuilding phase requires the cells are provided with adequate building blocks in the form of botanical, homeopathic and nutritional supplements to sustain the healing response and release stress.

Natural healing remedies differ from regular medicine in that they stimulate a healing response. The correct remedy produces a “resonance” between your body and the substance administered as a therapeutic principle. This resonance stimulates the body’s natural healing ability and enables Qi or Vital Force to flow freely.

How is BioEnergetic Assessment Done?

BioEnergetic Assessments are done through manual muscle testing. BioEnergetic Assessment is nonintrusive, painless method of energetic testing which measures energy imbalances in the body by eavesdropping in on the communication system of the body and “listening” to what is lacking or needed to restore health.

Is BioEnergetic Assessment Diagnostic?

It must be understood that while the evaluation is capable of detecting energetic imbalances that may be associated with past, current or potential illness, it cannot predict and does not diagnose the physical presence of illness or disease; nor does it presume to treat or cure any such illness. By United States law, diagnosis and treatment are considered the practice of medicine, and fall under the sole jurisdiction of licensed medical doctors. A practitioner who is not a licensed M.D. cannot use or implicate the evaluation as a diagnosis or treatment for any specific illness.

Do I have to change everything in my life?

Some healthy changes will be suggested in an effort to help your body handle factors such as stress, environmental toxins and food toxins.

The extent to which an individual may be helped depends on many factors, including the nature of the energy imbalance, its duration and the willingness of the individual to participate in the healing process. Rather than a passive approach to health, we encourage and assist you to become a responsible partner in the process of health maintenance, enabling increased vitality and a stronger, healthier life.

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