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The primary focus of Chiropractic is simply to adjust the spine and remove those things which interfere with the body’s natural normal healing ability. A chiropractic adjustment is done to increase range of motion, reduce irritability, relieve muscle spasm, alleviate pain and improve function at it’s source.

Chiropractic is so much more than simply a means of relieving pain. It’s benefits allow the body to heal itself, which is what nature intended. Regular Chiropractic visits are like getting a routine alignment on your car. It keeps the spine healthy by maintaining it’s natural position and allowing your central nervous system to do it’s job.

See What Our Patient’s Say:

“Thank you Dr. Albracht for correcting my neck injury and all of the non-conformances cased to my skeletal frame over the last 30 years. I’ve been to quite a few doctors for my neck and back, but I can honestly say you are the only doctor that made a gigantic difference. I’m 49 and could barely move my neck when I first came for my first appointment. After 2 months of adjustments, I feel like I’m in my 30’s again. Not only did you correct my neck and back problems, but my wife and friends notice the dramatic difference in my posture and flexibility. Thank you Dr. Albracht, I feel great again!” W. M.

“When I came in to A.F.C. Wellness, I had no idea that my life would change so much. I was coming in for neck and shoulder pain. I had been in an auto car accident and suffered for about a year. It left my truck totaled and my body battered and bruised. I went through physical therapy routine several times a week and would be in pain again after each treatment. I tried ”conventional” medicine first, such as pain pills, PT, etc. – most of which didn’t work, and the pills left me groggy and unable to work or do much else of anything. The Dr.’s finally just told me “to live with it”. After two months of adjustments by Dr. Albracht, I have made dramatic improvements. After a few adjustments, I started feeling better range of motion in my neck. I continue to look forward to each adjustment that I receive.” M. T.

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